The short version:

Chiropractic care helps restore the nervous system and function to joints that are fixated and not moving correctly.

Muscles, joints & ligaments depend upon correct joint movement for peak performance.

The long version:

Most chiropractors do far more than check your spine. Chiropractors are focussed on all aspects of care which includes advice on different treatment options, exercises and education about your optimal health care.

Chiropractic takes into account risk factors for future problems to help you prevent dysfunction from developing in the first place.

So the spine – home to our nervous system. A Chiropractor will examine your spine to note any dysfunctional areas which can have a negative effect on your health and wellbeing due to its influence on the nervous system.

One of the key principles in chiropractic care is to detect and correct these dysfunctional areas in order to restore the healthy function of the spine and nervous system. This in turn enables the body to function at its optimal potential.

There are a growing number of studies that have shown that chiropractic care can alter and enhance muscle function in the general population.