Mern Chiropractic serves the community of Edinburgh and West Lothian.

Both Clinics are located within Omnicare Pharmacy stores.

Mern Chiropractic/Omnicare Pharmacy -160 Causewayside, Newignton Edinburgh. EH9 1PR.

Mern Chiropractic/Omnicare Pharmacy – 23-25 West Main Street, Uphall, West Lothian. EH5 25DN.


Chiropractic is a primary health care profession that specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions of the neuromuscular system. Our neuromuscular system involves our muscles, joints, bones and nervous system.  When there is a mechanical dysfunction of the joints and muscles this will have an effect on our nervous system, which in turn has an impact on our health.


The specific technique that Chiropractors use is derived from 4 years of University training resulting in advanced knowledge, designed to carry out safe and effective treatment to help realign joints and restore the nervous system. The skills generally used are a combination of a gentle manual thrust and mobilisation technique. The specific direction, speed, depth we know to use is due to the vast training Chiropractors have to undertake which results in an in-depth understanding of spinal mechanics.  


Your care will be adapted to meet your individual needs.  The human body is a complex system therefore one condition may have many causes, or one cause may have many conditions. This means your treatment may differ from what someone you know has received in their care plan, even although on the surface it may seem the same condition.  Our aim is to help relieve your pain and increase your mobility and overall health.

We look at the body as a whole.  From head to toe, we look to restore the natural balance of your body in order to help maintain your nervous system for optimal health potential.

The patient is always in control.  It is your body, your health, your future.

We only provide treatment and advice where appropriate.  If we feel we are unable to help with any particular compliant then we strive to find/refer you to the right profession.


Chiropractors undergo a 4 or 5 year University Degree to become a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC).