Back Pain

Your lower back is usually the area that is being overworked to the point of injury

Back pain is one of the most common complaints we see here at MERN Chiropractic. Back pain is likely to affect us all at some point in our lives. The difference being the severity and reason causing the pain and incapacity.
The most common conditions for back pain are:

  • Vertebra (spinal bones)
  • Spinal Discs
  • Spinal Nerves
  • Soft Tissue (muscles)

These are all considered and examined when a patient presents with back pain to us.

Chronic Back Pain

It is common for chronic back pain to gradually develop and progress over time without a specific known onset. Usually over time small micro traumas are inflicted onto the structures of the low back which exposes these structures to prolonged stresses which accumulate over time. Most common reasons for this includes:

  • The way you sleep and condition – not only of your mattress, but also your bed base.
  • The way you stand and hold yourself in certain positions.
  • Repetitive lifting, carrying or prolonged driving.
  • Poor sitting position – both at work or home.
  • Age and Lifestyle

Over time, the outcome is overloading of the spinal tissues leading to dysfunction, fatigue and pain.

Acute Back Pain

We often hear phrases such as “All I did was bend forward to put my shoes on…”

Unless you have had a known trauma onto your low back, it is unlikely that your back has developed severe sudden pain from just bending forward. Often you may feel a slight pain at a specific time or incident, but did not feel too bad at the time. Fast forward a few hours after this initial event, when both inflammation and muscle spasms have begun to occur and the pain becomes more severe.

The most likely reason is that over time micro trauma has been occuring in your lower back to where it can no longer endure the strain. Pain is often the last thing to present itself, and the first thing to go, but the reasons why you have pain may have been building for months or even years.