This is an advanced certification in extremity adjusting education. The concept that the neurological system (spine) must be in balance with the mechanical control system (extremities) is the key approach that an extremities practitioner considers.

Being an expert in extremity adjusting allows Laura to diagnose and treat not only direct extremity issues as a direct result of a poor golf swing and repetitive injuries, but also any spinal problems due to poorly functioning extremities. Your hips, shoulder girdle, arms, wrists, hands, knees, feet, ankles and even rib cage are all considered, mainly using a series of specific muscle tests which helps determine any weaknesses in muscles which may be affecting your pain of complaint.

Laura is trained in the following:

  • Advanced principles of TMJ, Ribs & Shoulder Girdle
  • Advanced Principles of upper extremity adjusting
  • Advanced principles of lower extremity adjusting
  • Advanced principles of extremity rehabilitation
  • Introduction to principles of foot, gait and orthotics
  • Soft tissue methods for the spine and extremities
  • Global assessment of the extremities